How to correctly compile plugin that has a builder service?

Reading, it seems to say that the jps portion of your plugin should be built into a separate jar, somehow.  I am working off the Haxe plugin source that was recently opensourced, but when I tell that project to "Prepare all plugin modules for deployment", it is not packaging up the plugin the same way as the way it is on the official plugin repository.

The official plugin has a haxe-common.jar, haxe-jps-plugin.jar, haxe.jar, and resources_en.jar.  The thing made by 'Prepare...' seems to be a single mashed together jar of just the common, resource, and core stuff, but leaves out the jps plugin.

There's something on the above external builder page about "The plugin layout in layouts.gant should be changed to pack the module into a separate jar" but I have been unable to figure out what that means, exactly.  There is no layouts.gant in the tree, and google is not helpful.


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layouts.gant is something that we use for building IntelliJ IDEA itself; it doesn't apply to building external plugins. You need to go to the project structure dialog and set up artifacts so that each module gets packed into its own jar. You can ignore resources_en.jar and put all of the resources into the main plugin jar.


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