[ANN] SourceOffsite Integration

I know that this is a bit exaggerated, because i got stuck writing a "real" VCS plugin with the MSSCCI interface. So i wrote a command-line wrapper that serves most purposes (just moving a file is not possible).

See http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/SourceOffsite for plugin description and download.

Works with 4.5.x and Irida.
Just tested with the SourceOffsite 3.5 command line client, not the 4.x one.


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Thanks for taking the initiative of doing this.

However, I'm a Mac user so I need to use the unix version. I could port your wrapper to unix, which probably would only take a couple of minutes (but asking the question takes even less tiem :) Have you made any progress with a "native" SOS plugin, perhaps extending the VSS one, or have you had to port the plugin to unix yet?

How do you handle multiple target databases?

Thanks very much,

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Has anyone tried this against SOS 4.1?


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