[ANN] XPathView + XSLT-Support 1.2

Available via the Plugin Manager. This version requires IDEA 5.0.2 (#3506+) to be listed
in the Plugin Manager.

- New Refactoring: Introduce Variable. Turns a selected XPath expression into an
- New Refactoring: Inline Variable
- New Intention: Convert xsl:if to xsl:choose/xsl:when/xsl:otherwise, aka "Add else branch"
- Added support for Goto Symbol: Recognized symbols are templates, top-level variables
and parameters
- Added Quick Javadoc for XSLT elements and functions and custom comments for templates
and variables
- Added possibility to configure include/import references as External Resource
- Fixed: Create Variable quickfix did not choose the proper scope in some cases
- Fixed: Stylesheets included by xsl:include were not recognized
- Other Bugfixes and Code Cleanup

Any feedback, bug reports or suggestions for further improvements are welcome.


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