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Is there any proper way to ask IDEA to check is there a new plugin version.

Will be perfect, if it propose user to download it by some standart dialog. I have seen it earlyer, but have no idea where to seek it.
I'v found but it's looks a little bit outdated.

And I have found UpdateChecker class. But can't find a place to define my own plugin repository url and a corect dtd for it's xml, if this functionality still the same.  

How should I modify UpdateSettings or something around that?

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Same for me, I can install from updatePlugins.xml but it does auto update, not even when I do "Check for Updates..." from the menu. Are we missing some step to get this working. I changed the version of my plugin and the version in updatePlugins.xml.

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Actually IntelliJ IDEA checks for updates to all installed plugins as part of a regular update check, which runs every 24 hours by default. There should be no need to implement any autoupdate functionality in any specific plugin.

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But how to specify from what url it will check updates?
Can I host version information on my site? I'd preffer not to upload plugin into the official repository. It's very specific, and still in prealpha state. Very far from release.

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I managed to get this working just recently. The link you had in the original post was where I started but as I'm sure you've found it wasn't extremely explicit in how to set this up.

You simply need to start a standard webserver to host the "updatePlugins.xml" and the plugin Jar files.

The file should be named "updatePlugins.xml"

    <plugin id="somepluginid" url="./customization_plugin.jar" version="1.02"/>

The jar file is located in the same directory as "updatePlugins.xml" as follows..

/var/www/ (for example)

To download this plugin fire up IDEA and go to Settings -> Plugins -> Browse repositories -> Manage Repositories

Click the plus icon on the right hand side and enter the URL to your XML file. eg.. ""

Click okay on that dialog and the custom plugin repositories dialog. You should be able to find your plugin listed. If you don't see it, try clicking refresh at the top or use the "repository" dropdown to select your custom repository.

If everything went well, you should be able to download and install your plugin from there and it will update automatically whenever the version updates.

Another disclaimer.. I've only just recently done this myself.. and I'm still working out some pesky bugs with what I've come up with as follows: (if anyone knows the answers, please let me know!)
* The plugin shows up in the list as "customization_plugin.jar" rather than something remotely human readable. (The DTD link is broken and the one I found elsewhere doesn't seem to have any other attributes specified)
* There doesn't seem to be a way to define the description of your plugin (as repository plugins have)
* The update process doesn't quite work.. users are continually prompted to update to the .01 version of the plugin even when no changes have been made
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Thank you!

I thought It will be perferct,  if user won't care about specify update url manually. If plugin is installed, why can't it do this work? I'm pretty sure, most of people will newer do this for custom plugins.

So, I'm searching a way to modify update hosth somehow. But still can not do it.

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The intended workflow is the opposite - instead of installing the plugin manually, the user should add the update host URL, and IntelliJ IDEA will offer to install the plugins available there. I don't see how adding the URL is any more difficult than manually downloading and installing the plugin.

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May be you are right.

Anyway, It's a solution, and I should accept it. For me, "Install from disk" button is more obvious, but… It's a matter of documentation, I think.

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I can't make it to work. I mean, I can install my plugin from the updatePlugins.xml but it doesn't auto update. I'm using zip files instead of jar. Does it make any sense at all? Thanks!

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I'm also facing the same issue with my custom plugin repository.
I can install my plugin with the repository, but
It's not showing update balloon for the next update.
Also it still shows Install button on my plugin under the custom repository even I have the the latest version installed.

I'm using intellij : 2018.3


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