set Tab TextColor

Hi there,

I am writing a plugin to color tabs and change the tab text.
All works fine by using EditorTabTitleProvider and EditorTabColorProvider and IconProvider.
But using darcula the font has not enough contrast.

So my question is, how do I change the tab text color?

I found the following, but I do not understand how I would change the TabTextColor with it:
additionalTextAttributes scheme="Darcula" file="colorSchemes/MyLangDefault.xml"

Any help?


The color of the text in a tab is determined by the file status of a file. You cannot change it arbitrarily.


So how would I set the different states?

And how would I offer users to see some settings? Do you know a plugin on github demonstrating it?
That way users could set the different colors for the different states, while using the plugin.


The file statuses are detemined by the version control integration, you can't change them in your plugin. Colors corresponding to different file statuses can be changed under Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | File Status.


But can't i set the 'Colors corresponding to different file statuses' via plugin?


You could, but you would need to create a copy of the color scheme and change the colors there. I'm not sure if that is what your users would expect.


Good news.
How would I do this?
Is it possible to read the color, which is currently set?
That way I could darken the color only and set it.

- How can I create a copy of the color sheme and set the new color sheme in the plugin?
- How can I read the current color of each color?
- How can I add user settings for the plugin to be shown in the settings?

If you know an example, I can work my way through it, but so far I did not find anything.


There is no example other than the Community Edition source code. Start with the EditorColorsManager class.


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