Building an updated svn4idea - no plugin configurations in intellij-community source

I'm working on an implementation of IDEA-52034, having patched SVNKit to support agent-based authentication (see SVNKIT-178).

I have intellij-community checked out and building without errors against the newer SVNKit release. However, under "Run/Edit Configurations...", there's only a single configuration present -- Application/IDEA. There are no plugin configurations, and when I attempt to add one, the "Use classpath of module" dropdown has no options available to select, and the error "No plugin module selectable for configuration" is given.

What steps do I need to take to be able to use IDEA's debugging and testing tools against plugins included in the intellij-community source tree?

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Just run IntelliJ IDEA as a whole. It includes all the plugins bundled with Community Edition.


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