PHP OpenAPI: Deadlock when renaming class

Hallo there,

I finally managed  to implement a PhpTypeProvider class. I'm running into a deadlock when I rename a class.

It seems that the deadlock appears when trying to access the phpIndex like this:

Do you have any advice on how to check whether it is safe to access the phpIndex? Please note that I'm a complete newbie in plugin (and even java)-development.

Any help is appreciated, thanks and regards

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Its impossible to access indexes from this EP implementation ATM - it is called when indexes are built too.
We plan to address this soon.

Please use PhpStorm forums for all PS-specific openapi quiestions, thanks.
You can also contact me on Skype (same handle) for assistance while APIs are in active development.

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it looks like many plugins getting into trouble with this issue. do you known any open issue to check status and follow up discussion?


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