Updating EasyB plugin missing function

So I am trying to update the easyb plugin to intellij 12.1 however it seems that a few versions ago that .getFilesFromAllModules was removed.   I was curious if anyone knew what it was replaced with or what would be the best way to re-write this function.

private VirtualFile[] getProjectClasspath() {
        return ProjectRootManager.getInstance(module.getProject())

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Hi Zack,

Here is the link to OrderRootType.CLASSES_AND_OUTPUT before it has been removed:

   * <ul>
   *   <li> for libraries and jdk use {@link #CLASSES}
   *   <li> to get module output roots use {@link CompilerModuleExtension#getOutputRoots}<code>(true)</code>
   *   <li> to recursively process module dependencies use <code>OrderEnumerator.orderEntries(module).compileOnly().recursively()</code>
   * </ul>



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