Retroweaver Plugin suggestions

A couple of ideas for the Retroweaver Integration plugin:

- Would it be possible to get some progress reporting when the
classes are being retroweaved? If the compilation is done in
foreground, the compilation progress dialog just sits there without
any indication of what's going on until retroweaving is completed.

- When a module doesn't change the default Retroweaver configuration
(i.e. doesn't use it), could the plugin not save its configuration
anyways? Otherwise just loading a project modifies all of its module
configuration files.

Also, the first time I used the plugin it took me a while to figure out
the configuration tab was. Would it be possible/sensible to move the
configuration tab to the Project Settings->Compiler tab? Maybe alongside
Javac Compiler/Jikes Compiler/[Retroweaver]

The plugin is pretty cool, it makes using Retroweaver extremely simple,
nice job :)


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