Usage of DefaultLanguageHighlighterColors in custom language plugin


I have just switched over to using DefaultLanguageHighlighterColors when defining my highlighting colors since SyntaxHighlighterColors is now deprecated.
However I have noticed that alot of the keys in the new set really don't get any coloring in the available themes. Is this something that's going to change over the next couple of releases?
My two goals here are to implement the syntax highlighting in a way that is approved and to give my custom language some nice default colorings.
Right now DefaultLanguageHighlighterColors seems to fulfill the former but not the latter.
If I want nice colorings the best way still seems to be to steal keys from other HighLighterColors like XmlHighlighterColors but its time consuming to find the right keys to use when I have to track down different HighLighterColors implementations and try them out.

So the question is, will the Darcula theme and the other themes get more default colorings for the keys in DefaultLanguageHighlighterColors?

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The schemes need to be fixed because currently most of them (except bundled with our own products) do not contain all the necessary default colors. But in any case it's important that plug-in authors use the new API. That's the only way we can handle it currenlty.


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