Trouble building IDEA CE

I have been spinning my wheels trying to build a variant of IDEA CE 12.0.1 that I was previously able to build.

The reason I need to rebuild it is that I discovered I had accidentally built it running ant on JDK 1.7 which caused some latent problems (such as indexing failures).

I'm not sure why things are different now, but as the errors I am getting relate to building the android plugins, perhaps it is because I started using the android plugins (on unrelated code)? Is it really the case that how I use IDEA affects how IDEA builds?

I have tried both bulding under IDEA (a stock version) and using ant. I have gotten various results based on which way I build IDEA and whether the android plugins are enabled.

Here is one message I get using ant:

     [java] Cannot resolve SDK 'Android 4.2 Platform' in module 'android'. Embedded javac will be used

I don't see anything wrong with the SDK definition as viewed from IDEA and I cannot tell if this message is important.

Other errors I get:

     [java] [jb_instrumentations] /Volumes/L/Java/MyIDEA/plugins/android/src/org/jetbrains/android/actions/AndroidCreateLayoutFileDialog.form: Class to bind does not exist:

     /Volumes/L/Java/MyIDEA/plugins/android-designer/src/com/intellij/android/designer/ package does not exist

Both of these may result from being unable to build the android module.

Building from IDEA I got:

     Android Source Generator: [android] AndroidManifest.xml file not found

Building from IDEA after unconfiguring the android plugins, I get:

     java: /Volumes/L/Java/MyIDEA/plugins/android/src/org/jetbrains/android/exportSignedPackage/ package javax.swing does not exist

This message is consistent with the error highlighting in IDEA. I do not see how javac would lose track of Swing...

Any help would be appreciated!


Which branch exactly are you trying to build?


idea/123.94 with a few local changes


Please try to ensure that android.iml is reverted to its pristine state. Looks like you've accepted the suggestion to add the Android facet to the android module, which must not be done.


That did the trick! Thank you.


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