How-to copy files from plugin resources to project directory

I Have plugin with template files, for example plugin structure:

     *plugin java files*

i need to make a plugin, which will be copy that files from template directory (arrive with plugin)  into project directory.

action will be in context menu in project above button @NEW

This will be like new project template.

or will be cool, if it will appear in @NEW PROJECT -> NEW CUSTOM PROJECT near with Bootstrap application for example

plugin available for PHPStorm and WebStorm.

or also could be available for IntelliJ IDEA with another template files.

Questions are:

How to copy files from plugin to project directory?
Or how to unpack plugin to plugins directory, and i will be available to copy files through java methods?
Or how to inject this functionality in start-menu for creation project ?

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Please have a look at com.intellij.platform.templates.ArchivedTemplatesFactory

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where i can see the reference?

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It's in Intellij community codebase. What build do you use as SDK for your plugin?

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JDK 1.6
and Plugin SDK from the box (IntelliJ IDEA 12 CE)


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