[ANN] Version 1.0 of Clover plugin for IDEA 5.x released

This has been tested against Irida builds #3408 and #3415. Available via the plugin manager or from http://www.cenqua.com. Note that you do need a license file to use the plugin. Eval licenses are available from http://www.cenqua.com/licenses.jspa.

Clover is a code coverage tool. It shows you parts of your code you haven't adequately tested. The Clover plugin for IDEA seamlessly integrates into IDEA to show you which methods, statements and branches haven't been tested after a test run. You can also generate reports in various formats to share with your team.

For more information about Clover:

For support, try our forums at http://www.cenqua.com/forums or email clover-support@cenqua.com


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