[ANN] GroovyJ 0.1.2 released

A new version is available for download through the plug-in manager.

Change log:
- Adds support for IDEA 5.0 builds #3397 and #3401 which feature word completion in files of any given type!
- Updates the default Groovy runtime to the latest snapshot of the forthcoming Groovy JSR-03 release

Bug fixes:
- GROOVY-941: GroovyJ does not report the file that compilation errors occur within and you can't click on them to jump to the line
- GROOVY-948: GroovyJ breaks the "Colors and Fonts" panel in global settings

Known issues:
- GROOVY-939: GroovyJ compiles scripts using IDEA's JDK instead of the project/module's JDK

See http://groovy.codehaus.org/IntelliJIDEAPlugin and http://groovy.codehaus.org/GroovyJ+Status.

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