ANN: Retroweaver Plugin 1.1

(Reposting from the EAP forum. Further announcements will be done only on the Plugins forum).

Fellow IDEA users,

I'd like to announce the availability of Retroweaver Plugin, version 1.1. Changes since the previous version are:

  • Test classes are now correctly retroweaved

  • Spiffy configuration dialog in the project settings

The new version should be already available from IDEA's Plugin Manager. If this is the first time you hear about this plugin, you might want to read the original announcement[/url].

Source code for the plugin is available from the darcs[/url] repository at or at attached to the plugin's Wiki topic[/url]

-- Marcus Brito

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Thank you Marcus, your plugin was the last small thing which finally pushed me over the board - into Java 5 sea. And I was bitten hard there - even perfectly legit 1.4 code after recompiling with 1.5 and retroweaving sometimes breaks, i.e.

... = new BigDecimal(0);

The point is - without reliable reference verifier it's toooo dangerous. So, is it going to be any in v.1.2?


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