Use of InlineVariableTest

I try to use the operation InlineVariableTest form the API but I could not instanciate this class since it does not belong to the package com.intellij.refactoring.Inline. I would know if some one could help me in this issue


This class is part of the Groovy plugin test suite, is specific to Groovy and is unlikely to be useful for you if you are not developing the Groovy plugin.


First thanks for your fast reply,

Actually I look for refactoring code program and I need the use operation InlineVraiableTest by the API and I would like if there is a solution to can use this operation.

Yours faithfully


InlineVariableTest is not part of any API and does not exist in a compiled IntelliJ IDEA distribution. What problem are you trying to solve and why do you think you need this class?


Thank you,
I resolved the problem I could use InlineLocalHandler to inline a local variable


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