Choosing task in modal context (in commit dialog)

Hi everybody,

I'm facing following problem after migrating the plugin I develop to Idea 12:

I'm trying to allow user to choose task during commit (reason: based on the task properties commit message is updated). The code I used to have (invoke "tasks.activate") worked fine with 10.5 and 11.x. If I invoke "tasks.goto" the same way I did with "tasks.activate" the popup shows, however the focus remains in the modal commit dialog and the upper part (with the input field) of the Goto dialog is hidden/overlayed by the commit dialog.

Is there a way how to make this work other than providing my own "goto" dialog?


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You can just use completion in commit message area, it will insert ticket id
+ summary.

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Cool, I wasn't aware of this possibility. I tried this with 11.5.x and it seems to insert summary only. If I figure out how to rewrite this to my format (id: summary) then I'm done.

Thanks for the suggestion.


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