trouble with createContent and JTree

Could you please help me - I try to write my first plugin, but I don't understant how I can add some nodes into JTree.
When I use contentFactory.createContent and contentFactory.addContent() my JTree is added correctly but in a new tab of the plugin window.

If I add only the main JPanel, my JTree is added with the default values without the nodes that I have already added o_0.
Please tell me where is my mistake?

The code of my tryings is below =(:

public class Manager implements ToolWindowFactory, TreeSelectionListener {     private JPanel mainPanel;     private JPanel managerPanel;     private JPanel ftpLayer;     private JComboBox ftpConnections;     private JButton doExpand;     private JButton doCollapse;     private JButton doClose;     private JButton doRefresh;     private JTree filesInConnection;     private JScrollPane filesScroll;     private JLabel label;     @Override     public void createToolWindowContent(Project project, ToolWindow toolWindow) {         //make nodes - test nodes         DefaultMutableTreeNode root = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("root");         DefaultMutableTreeNode lv1 = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("lv1");         DefaultMutableTreeNode lv12 = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("lv12");         DefaultMutableTreeNode lv2 = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("lv2");         root.add(lv1);         lv1.add(lv12);         root.add(lv2);         lv2.add( new DefaultMutableTreeNode("lv21"));         lv2.add( new DefaultMutableTreeNode("lv22"));         lv2.add( new DefaultMutableTreeNode("lv23"));         //make tree         JTree filesInConnection = new JTree(root);         filesInConnection.addTreeSelectionListener(this);         JScrollPane filesScroll = new JScrollPane(filesInConnection);         //get content factory instance         ContentFactory contentFactory = ContentFactory.SERVICE.getInstance();         //create content panel         Content content = contentFactory.createContent(mainPanel, "", false);         Content f = contentFactory.createContent(filesInConnection, "", false);

        toolWindow.getContentManager().addContent(content, 0);
        toolWindow.getContentManager().addContent(f, 0);     }     public void valueChanged(TreeSelectionEvent arg0) {     } }

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You have two different filesInConnection variables in your code: one is a field bound to a UI Designer form and another is a local variable. You're filling the wrong one with your nodes.

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Thank you.
So, how can I pull and\or set data into Jtree that is bound to UI Designer?
Is it possible for me to do?
*SORRY* =)

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The question is closed.
Thank you. =))))

So, if someboby is interested in this code
Use the DefaultTreeModel

DefaultTreeModel treeModel = new DefaultTreeModel(root); filesInConnection.setModel(treeModel); filesInConnection.setRootVisible(true);


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