Add dependency on Scala for programatically adding ScalaFacet


recently I've managed to create my own project wizard for IntelliJ. Now I want to add the Scala Facet programatically to my project (projects, that can be created with my wizard use Scala). I've found the method addFacet in the FacetManager which (as far as In suppose) should allow me that, however, I cannot access the Scala facet, basically because I cannot figure out how to add the dependency to scala to my module, alhtough it's installed and everythign for Scala is setup (I'm writing my plugin in Scala, which works seamlessly). Any hints?

Thanks in advance,


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You need to add the Scala plugin .jar file to the classpath of your IDEA SDK and add a <depends>org.intellij.scala</depends> tag to your plugin.xml.

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thanks a lot!



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