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I like the JavaDoc comment error detection and auto-completion / suggestion features of IDEA. IDEA however thinks that @hibernate.* tags are incorrect - but I would like it to be treated like other javadoc comments.

Is there a plugin out there which adds this functionality?
Can a plugin be written to do this?
Where would I start if I wanted to undergo this, given that I know nothing of IDEA plugin development?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Dan Hardiker

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The fix for your problem is pretty straight forward. See the attached file that contains the list of all Hibernate tags, formatted to IDEA's liking :-). Just copy the entire text from the file and :

1) For Idea 3.0, go to IDE options, "Errors" and just paste the text into the text area shown in the right pane (against "Additional javadoc tags...")

2) For Idea 4.*, go to IDE options, "Errors", "General" node in the tree shown in right pane , "Unknown javadoc tags" ......-do-

Hope this helps.....

However, your point is still very much valid. It is high time that somebody came up with an Idea plugin that supports automatic completion (including attributes), automatic documentation popup etc. for all annotations, not just Hibernate alone. Doclipse (http://beust.com/doclipse/) already does a very fine job of this, but unfortunately it's for eclipse alone. Infact,since Doclipse is open source, porting it to Idea ought to be a killer idea !

Vikas S.


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