New VisualVM plugin

I have made a new plugin, currently with following features:

1) Run button with VisualVM started immediately after execution
2) Debug button with VisualVM started immediately after execution
3) Action inside Run tool window for starting VisualVM

problems I have had with implementation:
- It is not possible to add actions to Intellij's Run&Debug tool windows, new extensions would be cool, I would also like to extend JRebel's ones...  Possibility to override default extensions could be handy too.
- DefaultJavaProgramRunner#createActions is somehow useless, because it is called after contentBuilder.showRunContent(contentToReuse), but luckily it can be all overrided.
- I could not figure out how to add Action to my Debugging tool window - it was easy for Run tool window, but debug is completely different - help would be appreciated.
- Dunno why is LauncherBasedAction private, had to copy paste it.

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