[Rearranger] Live Rearranger dialog: suggestions

Hi Dave,

I very much like your rearranger, but though have some suggestions for the
Live Rearranger dialog:

1) display also a (m) icon for static methods (maybe with the yellow ]]>),

2) take the method/variable at the caret position and preselect it in the

3) for some weird reason, OK and Cancel buttons occur in my locale, not in
English as the rest of the UI. I guess, you are using an JOptionPane (which
IMHO is useless crap, because the results always look ugly). I suggest to
use OpenAPI's DialogWrapper, because it uses "OK" and "Cancel" independent
of the user's locale.

Also, do you need better looking icons for the toolbar?


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Hi Tom,

Good ideas, thanks! Yes, I'm using JOptionPane. I'll change it too.

If you can supply better icons, I would love to use them for the toolbar!


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