How to troubleshoot disabled plugin in PyCharm?

  • Using IDEA community edition, I create a simple test plugin and a zip package for the plugin
  • The plugin works as expected when running it in IDEA community edition
  • I then try to install it into PyCharm (using settings/plugins/install plugin from disk)
  • After restart, on the home screen my plugin is listed as "Plugin name (disabled)"


  • How do I troubleshoot this? I cannot find anything in the PyCharm event log or in the disk log files.
  • Is there anything special I have to do in my plugin to make it work in PyCharm?

Below is the contents of plugin.iml and plugin.xml. I have also attached the zip package ( and the source code (


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<module type="PLUGIN_MODULE" version="4">
  <component name="DevKit.ModuleBuildProperties" url="file://$MODULE_DIR$/META-INF/plugin.xml" />
  <component name="NewModuleRootManager" inherit-compiler-output="true">
    <exclude-output />
    <content url="file://$MODULE_DIR$">
      <sourceFolder url="file://$MODULE_DIR$/src" isTestSource="false" />
    <orderEntry type="inheritedJdk" />
    <orderEntry type="sourceFolder" forTests="false" />
    <orderEntry type="module-library">
          <root url="jar://$MODULE_DIR$/../Jython-2.7a2/jython.jar!/" />
        <JAVADOC />
        <SOURCES />


<idea-plugin version="2">
  <name>Jython macro plugin</name>
  <description>Write IDEA macros in Jython</description>

    <!-- Add your application components here -->

    <!-- Add your project components here -->

    <!-- Add your actions here -->
      <group id="JyScriptPlugin.SampleMenu" text="Sample Menu" description="Sample menu">
          <add-to-group group-id="MainMenu" anchor="last" />
          <action id="RunJythonScript" text="Run Jython Script" description="Runs a Jython Script"/>


  <extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">
    <!-- Add your extensions here -->

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Thank you!



to plugin.xml did the trick.


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