Updating my Plugin, getPsiFileInEditor() is gone

I am finally getting around to update my plugin to work with IntelliJ 11 (yes I am a procrastinator), I have code that has worked up until IntelliJ 11 for getting the Class that is in the current editor. The method I was using getPsiFileInEditor(Editor, Project) is no longer in the plugin SDK. Does anyone know the equivalent method call now?

  private PsiClass getClassInCurrentEditor() {         PsiClass currentClass = null;         final Editor editor = FileEditorManager.getInstance(this.project).getSelectedTextEditor();         if (editor != null) {             final PsiJavaFile javaFile = (PsiJavaFile) PsiUtil.getPsiFileInEditor(editor, this.project); //This method is no longer available             if (javaFile != null) {                 final PsiElement element = javaFile.findElementAt(editor.getCaretModel().getOffset());                 //final PsiElement element = javaFile.findElementAt(0);                 currentClass = PsiTreeUtil.getParentOfType(element, PsiClass.class);             }         }         return currentClass;     }


How about PsiUtilBase.getPsiFileInEditor(Editor, Project) ?


Thanks! Calling the method from PsiUtilBase instead of PsiUtil did the trick.


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