Plugin leak.

To whom it may concern.

I've been discovering project leak in one of the snapshot uploaded and found
out that it's actually caused by some plugin whoes package name is org.intellij.invitrotest.plugins.junit

There's a class called JUnitPluginTest which subscribes to ProjectManager
events (which is application level stuff) and holds a project.
Unsubscribing at project disposal will fix the leak.


Maxim Shafirov
"Develop with pleasure!"

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It's the unitTest plugin and it does it in a very tricky way :)
Thanks for reporting it. I'll fix the Irida-hacked version and
lhopefully Jacques will take care of the real thing when he comes
back from hibernation.

btw, is there a way to figure out who's holding on to the
projects other than sending you a memory snapshot? Opening
and closing projects several times with no custom plugin
installed seems to make IDEA grow endlessly.



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You may do pretty same things we do with snapshots here: open them in yourkit
profiler, press Ctrl+N, type in ProjectImpl.
There would be couple of 'safe' leaks for dummy or default projects. Well,
if you see more than 2 in a snapshot taken well all of the project have been
closed - it's a leak.
Then you can Ctrl+P -ing search the path to GC root to who is responsible
for the leak. Voi la.


Maxim Shafirov
"Develop with pleasure!"


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