How do I modify a plugin so revert works with subversion on AppCode 1.6?

I love the idea behind the AutoRevert plugin and want to use it within AppCode.

It appears to work at first, but when revert is supposed to kick in, nothing happens and my code files remain as they are. :(

In the following file:

The author has got the following code:

               SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait(new Runnable() {
                    @Override public void run() {
                         LocalChangeList changeList = ChangeListManager.getInstance(project).getDefaultChangeList();
                         if (changeList.getChanges().isEmpty()) {
                              result[0] = false;
                         new RollbackWorker(project, true).doRollback(changeList.getChanges(), true, null, null);
                         for (Change change : changeList.getChanges()) {

Is there anything obvious about this that would mean it doesn't work on AppCode/subversion?

It'd be ideal if there was a quick change I could make myself to the code to get it working on AppCode.


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