How to replace default action by my own

I have my own action for optimizing imports, and I want to replace the default action by just installing the plugin, so it should remove keyboard shortcut of the default one. I do not want any manual configuration.
Is it possible and how?

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You can't do that all of the time - it's possible to tweak a writable keymap but all default keymap schemes are read-only.


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Thank you, I found the way to do it dynamically. And it somehow works even with default scheme. :)

            Keymap keyMap = getKeyMap();
            Shortcut[] shortcuts = keyMap.getShortcuts("OptimizeImports");
            for (Shortcut shortcut : shortcuts) {
                keyMap.removeShortcut("OptimizeImports", shortcut);
                keyMap.addShortcut("EclipseFormatterPluginOptimizeImportsAction", shortcut);

    private Keymap getKeyMap() {
        Keymap keymap = KeymapManagerImpl.getInstance().getActiveKeymap().getParent();
        if (keymap == null) {
            keymap = KeymapManagerImpl.getInstance().getActiveKeymap();
        return keymap;


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