Rename refactor doesn't work well with inheritance under UnitTest Plugin

Refactor behave strangely for using rename listener under UnitTest. I create a Interface "IFirst" with following code:

Then I create a class "First" to implement "IFirst" interface:

Finally I create an JUnit TestCase for "First" class:

But I have some question about refactor. When we invoke "rename" refactor on "operationOne" under "First" or "IFirst",I find UnitTest cann’t listen "rename" in this case with inheritance. If we rename "operationOne" to "operationTwo","testOperationOne" under "FirstTest" is still same,not the new name "testOperationTwo".

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Which IDEA build and which unitTest plugin version are you seeing this with?


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I am using 2255 and 3245,and UnitTest is lasted.


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