Persisting State of Components

I'm trying to follow these instructions:

But I don't understand how this works, should I register my class somewhere? I've created a new class, implemented PersistentStateComponent with the @State annotation, but the getState and loadState methods are never fired.

If I put the implements in my ProjectComponent then the getState is executed automatically on startup, but I'm getting an Exception after returning "this":
Could not save project:

What I'm doing wrong?


Hi Enrique,

You should register your persistent class within the DI container. E.g. add the following for project-scoped settings to your plugin.xml:

<projectService serviceImplementation="YourStateClass"/>



Thanks for your reply Denis, but it didn't work.

I've added the <projectService> inside my <extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">

But the getState and loadState() are never called.

I don't understand how does this work.

How does the ide know that it must call the getState and loadState from my class? where I'm telling that?

Strangely if I implement PersistentStateComponent in my <projectConfigurable/> class, the getState and loadState methods are called (even without any <projectService>) but it doesn't work, it's throwing an error how I said in my first post.

Please can you post more details of how to implement this?

Thanks !


The requirements are as follows:

  • make target class implement PersistentStateComponent;
  • define where the data should be stored (via the @State annotation);
  • register the class at the plugin.xml;

If you have done the following and the problem still persist you can attach a sample project, we'll take a look.



Project services are not instantiated unless someone requests them. If you simply declare a project service and never access it from any other code, it will never be created, and therefore the getState/loadState methods will never be called.


Well, I'm really lost, I don't know what to try, this is what I'm doing:


  <extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">
    <projectConfigurable instance="com.enrique.forms.SettingsForm"></projectConfigurable>
    <projectService serviceImplementation="com.enrique.MyCustomSettings"/>

        name = "MyCustomSettings",    // must be equal to the class name
        storages = {
                @Storage(id = "default", file = "$PROJECT_FILE$"),
                @Storage(id = "dir", file = "$PROJECT_CONFIG_DIR$/mycustomsettings.xml", scheme = StorageScheme.DIRECTORY_BASED)
public class MyCustomSettings implements PersistentStateComponent<MyCustomSettings> {

    public String something;

    public static MyCustomSettings getInstance() {
        return ServiceManager.getService(MyCustomSettings.class);      // this returns null

    public MyCustomSettings getState() {
        return this;

    public void loadState(MyCustomSettings state) {
        XmlSerializerUtil.copyBean(state, this);

    private Project guessProject() {
        return ProjectUtil.guessCurrentProject(null);


and inside my Form

    public JComponent createComponent() {

        MyCustomSettings settings = MyCustomSettings.getInstance();         // this returns null

        myComponent = (JComponent) myPanel;
        return myComponent;


what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks !


Your service is registered as a project service so you need to use ServiceManager.getInstance(project, aClass) method. The
ServiceManager.getInstance(aClass) method is used to obtain instances of application-level services.

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Thanks ! it's working now !


ServiceManager.getInstance() seems depreciated and keeps giving me null pointer exception, any clue why?


The replacement for the deprecated APIs is documented in the javadoc comments: `Application.getService()` and `Project.getService()`. For the null pointer exception, we'd need to see the complete stacktrace in order to explain why it happens


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