FileDocumentManager.requestWriting() and Document.start/stopGuardedBlockChecking

Hi all,

I have a persistent problem in one of my language console editors (see: I've looked at the things suggested by Jon Ahktar, and as far as I can tell it's all ok. It looks like a concurrency issue to me, since it seems like the contents of the editor gets out of sync with the underlying highlighter segment data structure. This often starts after I perform an action involving my TypedActionHandler, so I thought I would look at other implementations to see what sort of syncronization they use. I found a couple that use FileDocumentManager.requestWriting() and Document.start/stopGuardedBlockChecking(), but it's not clear to me what these do. Can anyone explain these methods? Are they likely to be what I need? My TypedActionHandler modifies the document using EditorModificationUtil/insertStringAtCaret() and Document.deleteString().


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