building a plugin with a toolWindow. newbie is stuck

Hi everyone.

Im wanting to build a plugin for phpStorm that is another toolWindow.

I have built what i want in php here:

Its uses RESTful API to communicate with my other site

The finished product will hopefully allow me to interact with my site from phpstorm.

The probem.  This is my first project in Java and I cant seam to get to the start programming point.

I tried to follow the steps to get the 'Sample Tool Window' to work in the Community Edition.

using Intellj Community Edition IC-117.216  I have copied the /samples/toolWindow to /plugins/toolWindow  and 'Create a new module from scratch' on that directory.

When i click the green arrow "Run IDEA" a new instance of intellj starts.  it is "intelliJ IDEA (Community Edition) IC-118.SNAPSHOT".

The "Sample Calendar" toolWindow button does appear in the right hand margin.  clicking it does open a tool window, but there is nothing in the tool window but "Initializing..."

The event log shows:
6:34:51 PM ClassNotFoundException: MyToolWindow.MyToolWindowFactory PluginClassLoader[Sample Calendar, 1.0]: MyToolWindow.MyToolWindowFactory PluginClassLoader[Sample Calendar, 1.0]

What do i need to do to make the toolwindow work properly? (and any other pointers that you think i should be reading would be appreciated.)

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Please make sure that the case of the myToolWindow package on disk matches with the case of the factoryClass declaration in plugin.xml.


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