Quick navigation through hierarchies in JBehave plugin

Hi all.

I would like to improve the existing jbehave plugin to include the ablilty to navigate between the steps in the specification and the implementations of that step and vica versa. I would the behave to be similar to the "Quick navigation through types and method hierarchies" feature of intellij where the icons appear in left gutter which allows easy navigation to interfaces or parent classes or navigation and vica versa.

I would like hte icon to appear for each step that is implemented in the specification and the icon to appear to each jbehave step annotation in the test implementations.

Does anyone know where there is a plugin which already does this which i can use as example or perhaps a hint or 2 as a starting point?

Thanks in advance.

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You'll need to use the LineMarkerProvider API. There are plenty of examples of its usage in the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition source code.

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Thanks for the tip!!


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