Some questions about launching junit configurations

I'm afraid I'm just getting started with plugin dev (so this might be a very newbie question), and finding the amount of source available to me a bit overwhelming.  I'm hoping someone can point me to some good starting places for code reading.

My goal is to produce a plugin that will launch multiple JUnit suites in parallel (we have beefy CPUs, and lots of unit tests, running them in parallel is faster, but requires developers to manually launch each of several suites).
So in my mind the developers specify a list of suite classes in a simple text box, and I'll launch them using their default junit configuration.  Maybe in time work up to checking the configuration list to see if there's already a match and use its configuration if available.

I've found my way to RunManager/RunConfiguration/RunnerAndConfigurationSettings, does anyone have a suggestion for some code to look at that uses these and that might be in the neighborhood of what I want to do?  In particular, I'd like to see how to get a configuration instance created and launched, I think.

I've come to the realization that part of the reason I may be having some trouble here is that I may not have a correctly set up environment.  Reading some other threads in the area made mention of JUnitStarter, and my project can't see that class.  I have idea_rt.jar in my sdk classpath, and junit_rt as a sourcepath, and I see JUnitStarter under that path in src/com/intellij/rt/execution.

Any guesses what I've set up wrong that prevents me seeing that class?

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