the behaviour of ANT within the IDE

When i go to build the source, if I open up the ANT window and press "build all" it fails fast with an error saying: target "from " does not exist int eh project....

What this turns out to be is ANT is getting involved with the name of the folder in which the community folder resides... It's not important what the folder name is or why it has the name it has, or at least it shouldn't be. (  it's name happens to be "ant from IDE" which is just an indicator to me that the output of this build was generated by using ANT from within the IDE. ).

Here's  the question- is this expected or is it a bug I should  file?  

IMO it' it's totally hosed but is it ANT or is it INtellij's tool window? . Why should  ANT  be busy itself with the name of the parent folder of the base folder in which build.xml is located?

A completely separate issue is how any software can be wrtten 15 years after long file names became common that can't hack a space in a file name.

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