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Why doesn't building from root fo community (build.xml) using ANT at the the command line produce the same output as using the ANT Build toolpane in the IDE and selecting build/all?
Typcially, one fails fairly far into the build with 5 or so errors - (the one in the IDE) while the one at the command line suceeds. How can this happen? Invoking ANT upon build.xml really*ought* to produce the same result either way, no?

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I realize that I may be the  only one concerned with intricaies of building the source . Nevertheless, here's some funny things.

Building through the ANT tool window by adding build.xml  through that tool then selecting all or build as targets will always fail - why should this be so?
Building through the build menu selecting any of the choices, but just to be safe choose "rebuild project" will almost always fail - and why should this be so?
Buidling by invoking ant at the command line upon the same build.xml will generally succeed.

Do this. Download a snapshot of the source (clone source)
Then before you do anything else make a copy of that source starting at the community folder.
Then before you do anything else make ANOTHER  copy of that source starting at the community folder.
Now you have three identical unbuilt  copies.
Try building each of these as separate independent  projects, one in the ANT tool window, the other using the build menu and one at the command prompt.
The first two will fail the final one will succeed.


Sorry but one of the major tenets of software tools is that they're reliable- you believe what they say. WIthout that rock solid guarantee, developers will just stop  using the tool. Rule of software tools #1-  tools can't lie. Here we have a case of the tool apparently doing just that- the source does not build, says the IDE, when in fact the source does build, just not through the IDE.

This has to be a problem for more people than just myself. Does no one actually change the IDE's source then attempt to rebuild the result? Does no one clone the source then push build in the IDE?

I'm the only one? Really? Really?


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