[ANN] - Generate toString() v2.20 released

v2.20 of the toString() plugin has been released at the offical homepage for this plugin at:


Or using the pluginmanager from within IDEA 4.x.

About the plugin
GenerateToString is a action plugin for IDEA that is used to create or update java classes toString() method. The reason is valuebeans usually needs to dump their fieldvalues for debug purpose, and it's tedious to write the dump code for this. So this action plugin generates the code to dump all the fields in a simple manner.

v2.20 for IDEA 4.5/5.0x (jan-18-2005)
- Compiled with IDEA EAP build 3144 (Irida)
- Saving templates now appends .vm for files with empty extension
- hyperlink to homepage in settings
- quick fix to run Generate toString() for both code inspections

/Claus, the author

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