how to use intellij developtool for java

Iam using this firt time.iam having some problems intially.i created a project name and under that iam keeping my files need libraries from jdk and j2eesdk,some other cci libraries.bcos iam developing java,jsp,servlets and connector programs.while creating project its asking for jdk path then i have give j2sdk4.0 and can i give paths for j2eesdk and conenctor jar files.iam unable to add libraries except jdk files
.if i code for serlvet are jsps then it showing in red mark bcos they are error.

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Hi Sam,

The best place to start would probably be the help system from the Help
menu. Read up on 'Managing Projects' and 'J2EE Support'.
If you are a licensed user, you can also get support from

But since I'm such a nice guy ;), I'll give you a hint. When you set up
a project, you should also set up a Web Module (instead of a normal Java
Module). This provides a lot of extra support which is described in
'J2EE Support' in the help system. It is not required, but can make
things easier.

Rob Harwood
Software Developer
JetBrains Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"


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