Deeper support for custom File Types?

My company has a custom language, Foo, that has a simple grammar (very VB-like). I have been able to use the Idea File Type features to get comments and keyword highlighting working with Foo source files.
However, I'd like to be able to use Idea to reformat the source (cntl-alt-L), as well as to support simple Navigation (cntl-B) between source files. I have been able to do this in emacs (long live emacs), but have not figured out if Idea has the underlying APIs exposed (incl. grammar for custom file type) so that Go To and code reformating could work with custom file types.
Any ideas or pointers? My current guess is no, as I haven't seen any plugins for other languages that have this type of functionality...


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Any update on this? I'd love to see this sort of functionality for use with template languages, such as FreeMarker or Velocity.



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