How to override Java Find Usages action?


I am trying to add Find Usages feature to my custom language plugin for JBehave ( I would like to find the usages of certain type of Java annotations in my custom language files. e.g. for this annotation for a method defined in a Java class

    @When("I do something")
    public void when() {


I would like to do alt+F7 on "I do something" and the usage results should show the 2nd line as an occurance in a .story file:

Given a system state
When I do something
Then system is in a different state

So, I am basically trying to override Find Usage action provided by Java. I tried registering a custom find usage provider for Java language and had the provider class extend JavaFindUsagesProvider. But it is not even called when I do alt+F7.

How should I do this? Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Aman Kumar

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