Locating the project classes are contained in

I am reading the soruce of a IntelliJ  class. I want to know what Project, not package, that class has been assigned to. I would like to find that project and open it as a project.  So with the  editor open and the Project tab ivew set to "Project" (and not "packages")   I am trying to answer the question- what (sub)-Project (.iml file) does this class belong to?

I have tried a variety of ways to answer this question; searching and CTRL-ENTERing with the project view open for instance, but the resut always takes me to the package the class is located in. If I have the Project view open, it switches automatically to the Packages view, then locates the class in the package strcuture.

Can I do this through the IDE or is there a master list of correspondences between IntelliJ classes and the Project they are contained in available to OpenAPI consumers somewhere?

Hope this makes sense.

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Ctrl + Shift + A

than search for "Select in..." and choose your view...

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You can press 'Alt+Home' ('Jump to Navigation Bar' action) - you'll see the complete path from the file opened at the current editor to the project root.

P.S. Those 'sub-projects' are called 'modules' in IJ terminology.



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