[ANN] MiniWiki plugin, v0.1




This plugin activates in text files.

In those files, you can identify other files, or classes, with
- an absolute path

- a relative path

- a simple name reference

, and jump to them with .



In the 2 examples below, all the file names (doc.txt, bugs.txt) and
classes FQN (a.b.c.A) are active links:
-> place the caret on them, and press
===> the file/class is opened in an editor.


(If you keep project notes, readme, doc, todo, .. in text files, you can
unify them with this plugin, and quickly jump from one to the other.)

Example/file "readme.txt":

You'll find more info in doc.txt.
Bugs are kept in ../bugs/version1.txt
the plugin config is ../META-INF/plugin.xml


If you keep a bug list in a text file, you can make an active link to a
java class.

Example/file "bugs.txt":

bug in version 0.1

bug 001: a.b.c.A is empty


- create files by intention
- publish source (as soon as the next build works on MacOS X)

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The source of v0.1 is now available:


It's a full DevKit project
=> you must set up a IntelliJ SDK *1, and link it to the module.

Once it's done, just run the
"launch 2nd instance"
run config.


*1 : on MacOS X,
IDE settings.JDK & Global libraries
press "Add IntelliJ IDEA"
select the current "IntelliJ EAP.app" as home
attach it to

Project Settings.Path.Libraries
target JDK: use module specific (select the one you've just created)


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