Server restart & custom Java runner

In a plugin, I have my own implementation of application runner, and the main point is to set custom VM argumetns depending on the plugin/environment settings:

public class MyRunner extends DefaultJavaProgramRunner {

    public void patch(JavaParameters javaParameters, RunnerSettings runnerSettings, boolean beforeExecution) throws ExecutionException {
        super.patch(javaParameters, runnerSettings, beforeExecution);
        _patch(javaParameters, runnerSettings); // custom logic to set the VM arguments


It works find for any Java process or application server. Though I have an issue with server restart functionality. Whenever a server is runnig (say, Tomcat) and the user presses the launch button again, a dialog is popped up saying that the server is actually running and then the user can choose, either to update the resources, redeploy, or _restart_ the container. If the user decides to restart, the custom login for VM arguments isn't applied anymore, which is the problem.


The problem is minor, but annoying and I'd like to fix it.  However, I couldn't find this part in the sources as server connectors are most likely not a part of the Community Edition.

Any tips on how to resolve this are appreciated.

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It's strange because 'Restart Server' option uses ProgramRunnerUtil#executeConfiguration method to start the server. The same method is used when a
run configuration is started using 'Run' button.

BTW if you want to patch VM parameters of java-based run configurations it would be better to provide JavaProgramPatcher extension instead of new
ProgramRunner implementation.

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Yes, I was thinking about moving the logic to a custom JavaProgramPatcher, but is there a way to get an instance of RunnerSettings in the patcher? (otherwise it is just too much code to rewrite for me)


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