Visual SourceSafe (VSS) checkout status of a file

This is really a feature request to be added to the VSS plugin in IntelliJ IDEA 4.5 to have an option to get back the status of the selected file to see who has the file checked out (this applies in exclusive checkout mode) or include in the error dialog the username of the person who has the file checked out, instead of just saying that the file "is checked out by another user." when selecting to checkout the file.

I kind of can simulate this using the external tools, but the available macros are still limiting me from getting a
clean solution.
Program = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VSS\win32\SS.EXE
Parameter = STATUS $/someVssPath/$/FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$

eg. STATUS $/projectName/dev/branches/branchName$/FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$

for the external tool to work better I would need a macro that gives me the VSS project path as I defined in my project, instead of hard coding it here, plus, if I since in my project, I have multiple source trees, I would need the a macro that can give me the forward slash File Path including starting from my working directory.
(eg. vss path is = $/a/b/c
vss working directory = C:\d\e
module1 src = c:\d\e\f\g
module2 src = c:\d\e\f\h
lets say file to get status is under ]]>\com\
also, assume my IDEA project file is in some other directory (eg. C:\x\projects)

so I need a macro to give me $/a/b/c/e/f/h/com/
which there is none.

$/FilePathRelativeToProjectRoot$ gives me relative to the module's root ie. com/

BTW: Is the IDEA 4.x VSS plugin source code available?



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