PsiShortNamesCache analog in PhpStorm

Hello, I want port my plugin(Tabdir) to other IntelliJ Platform products.
In my plugin I need to obtain all files(VirtualFiles) in project into array, for IDEA it works like this:

PsiShortNamesCache namesCache = JavaPsiFacade.getInstance(project).getShortNamesCache();
PsiFile[] similarPsiFiles = namesCache.getFilesByName(file.getName());
(then transform PsiFile[] to VirtualFile[])

Maybe this solution is poor, but it works fine.
When I specify PhpStorm SDK for my plugin IDEA show that classes PsiShortNamesCache and JavaPsiFacade are unavailable.
Have PhpStorm some replacement for this classes?

Or I think this task(get all files with similar short name) can be implemented in another(better) way - in this case please give me some code pointers or links to read.

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Found this worked solution:

FileBasedIndex.getInstance().getContainingFiles(FilenameIndex.NAME, file.getName(), ProjectScope.getProjectScope(project));

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