Is there a plugin to extract ant's classpath

I work with a project where we use ant to build our projects. In the ant build.xml we utilize path element to build the classpath. For example:

<property name="source.lib" value="$/../thirdparty"/>

... ]]>

I was wondering if there was plugin to read this build.xml and extract/build the classpath for IntelliJ. It would be even better if it creates a Intellij Libraries(classpath). Thats what I normally do is to create a library(in intellij) specific to a project.

This would be usefull so that you dont have to synchronize the classpath in intellij with ant build.xml as your project evolves. If someone in team changes this build.xml you simply run the plugin and have that classpath extracted into intellij so that you can resolve classes for the libraries used in build.xml.

I think this would be a very nice feature as a plugin or built into IntelliJ.

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