code generation frameworks


Is there any interest out there for creatingg some kind of code generation integration with IDEA. I am thinking of having tighter integration than is already possible with ant.

So not just generating code but also helping with editing, modelling, etc.

just curious.

Florian Hehlen


Hi Florian,

I'd like to have some code generation framework build on top of the obfuscated and not documented PSI. I'm really having too much fun experimenting with PSI and addapting to the changes in it. I'd rather call this PsiHelper or PsiUtilities or PsiAdapter work, instead of framework, but its just a matter of naming the thing.

Is this the same, what you mean by code generation? Could you please take your ideas a bit further, in order to find the common denominator.





I was more thinking about that very hot subject of managing data objects: generation of; validation of; serialization of; persisting of; etc.

It seems to me that there are tons of frameworks out there but no common way to use them or to integrate them into a project. I am a big fan of the DRY principle: Don't repeat yourself....

Many have haled code generation to the rescue... but code generation requires a lot of analysis and planning. Mostly as far as I can see because of all the choices and all the different approaches. A big risk is that a big project ends up with many code generation tools, which will ultimately mean many code generation definitions.

So I am wondering how we could provide for all this... Could there be a single markup for all this so that for example a validation rule(ex: date format for an invoice) is defined once no matter if you are going to generate a Hibernate mapping; generate a bean for a gui; serialize the object to xml for a WebService?

I have some ideas about how to do this but i am not sure if anyone else see's the utility in this.



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