Rearranger not calling reformatter anymore? Or user error?

I recently upgraded to 4.5.1, build 2239, and of course, my plugins were all gone again... I re-d/l the ones I use, including rearranger, but reformatter was not an option (why not?).

I went to the plugin site, got the jar, installed manually, and everything /works/, but it seems like rearranger is not automatically chaining to reformatter anymore like it used to.

Is this a known thing, something I'm doing wrong, something else?



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It's a known problem. In 4.5, IDEA began loading all the plugins inside their own classloaders. Rearranger can't see Reformat plugin any more so code to chain to it fails.

I thought about modifying Reformat to publish itself explicitly in such a way that I can find it (though I'd ask Timur before doing anything to his plugin) or maybe just including Reformat inside Rearranger (which defeats the purpose of separate plugins if we have to lump them all together into one jar file.)

Maybe I'm missing some way of finding (and then calling) another plugin, but it doesn't seem to be possible any more. If somebody knows how to do it in 4.5, please let me know.



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