JUnit plugin enhancement

Hi Jacques,

I'd like to be able to see an icon in the gutter indicating that a unit test exists for a method, and that clicking on it would take me to that test. Likewise, the same icon next to the test would take me back to the tested method. Like Ctrl-Shift-T ("Go to Test Class/Go to Tested Class") works. Presumably it would look like the current icon but perhaps a different color like green.

Mousing over the current icon shows text like "Create JUnit test for method: "; mousing over the new icon would show text like "Go to test class for method: ]]>" or "Go to tested class".

Hard to do?


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Not really but what is your intent?
The icon on the tested class tells me that I have a potentially missing test but what would the icon on test class tells me? I know already it is testing my class and some of its method.

BTW I am deep in a major refactoring prior to introducing multi-patterns which on its own is a significant work so if I were to do what you asked it won't be for a while. Sorry.


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My intent is to be able to navigate quickly to the test code. No icon in the gutter could mean that a test exists or that the code doesn't need a test (e.g. getter/setter with options to avoid marking these); hence it's ambiguous. Having a different icon in the gutter to allow quick navigation between test and tested method would be useful to our test engineers. They can see at a glance whether a method needs a test written, already has a test written, or is not going to be tested. And they can navigate between test and tested methods by clicking the gutter icon.

I don't anticipate needing an icon on the test class; but icons on test methods inside a test class would navigate back to the corresponding tested method.

No problem on the timeframe. I myself am way behind in tabifier and rearranger fixes because of some major things I'm trying to do too. :) It's just a matter of convenience; there are already menu items to 'go to' the corresponding code. Pretty low priority.



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