Background Image Plugin - feature question.

I am starting to look at the Background Image Plugin. I was wondering if there are any plans to make this plugin project specific instead of IDE specific.

The reason I ask is that if it was, it would solve a silly little situation that we find ourselves in from time to time.

In our team we are always switching between IDEA projects.
We have a project for main trunk development and another for CVS branches and so on. We are bouncing back and forth between bugfixing in release candidates and ongoing development.

I have been looking into the tool for a way to make it easier to identify one project from another. When I saw the BackgroundImage plugin, I thought that it might do the trick.

Unless I am the only person that spent a day coding in the wrong cvs branch :)


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Is this still an issue for you? I am not the plugin owner but I have recently done some work on it. I may be able to make this change for you. I'm not really familiar with the open api, but if i can figure out how to move the settings from ide to project it would be easily done. Let me know if you still want this and if you know anything about how to move settings.



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