Missing API in Idea X: RuntimeConfigurationProducer.copyStepsBeforeRun(Project, RunConfiguration)


One of our plugins uses RuntimeConfigurationProducer.copyStepsBeforeRun(Project, RunConfiguration), but this API is not available in Idea X. Is there any alternate API in Idea X?

Here is code snippet of RuntimeConfigurationProducer.copyStepsBeforeRun():
protected void copyStepsBeforeRun(Project project, RunConfiguration runConfiguration) {
    final RunManagerImpl manager = RunManagerImpl.getInstanceImpl(project);
    final RunnerAndConfigurationSettingsImpl template = manager.getConfigurationTemplate(myConfigurationFactory);

Any idea what the above API does?


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The method was removed because it doesn't do anything meaningful in IDEA 9 code. You can safely remove its usages from your plugin.


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